Teemu Haila
MProf Games Development
Ba Interactive Design
Co-Founder & VP at PlayRaven

Together we create fresh new things in mobile free-to-play.

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(Not-PlayRaven) Things I'm Proud Of

I've fiddled around with everything that computes as far as I can remember. I have hands-on experience from all areas of game development and many related disciplines.

Here's a few of my favourites.

Diamond Dash iOS

I was the project lead on one of the top grossing F2P titles when mobile started rising. Millions of DAU with all the live ops fun that comes with it.

IGDA Finland

World's largest and most active IGDA chapter in the world per capita. Currently VP of the board of directors and head of operations.

Score & High Score

Founded Finland's first game dev club and a series of non-profit companies around the country.

All the small details

I do all the dirty things that make other things ship on time and with top quality. Ask me about a topic and let's talk!

Looking for a boring list?


Everyone needs a hobby. Mine is chasing the light.

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