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BA Interaction Design

MProf Games Development

Games Industry Entrepreneur & Executive


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Ehhh, whatever.

I'm a co-founder and CPO at Metaplay, a new startup based in Helsinki, Finland.

We make the missing online tech that's been holding game development back for way too long.

Serious Business Since 1987

I’ve fiddled with everything that computes for as long as I can remember. Combine endless curiosity with a passion for interaction design and you get… well, mostly video games.

I’ve learned that I’m most comfortable here, in the intersection of all creative disciplines, because only from here can one find something truly interesting.

Project Gallery

Here's a few interesting projects that are not under a metric ton of NDAs 😉

PlayRaven logo



I co-founded a mobile games company focused on free-to-play strategy games. After 6 years, $10M raised capital and 5 shipped games we were aquired by Rovio.

Eve: WoA key art

Eve: War of Ascension

Mobile Game

An ambitious take on 4X style MMOs on mobile in collaboration with CCP. We had exceptional soft launch metrics but shifted to work on an unannounced title after the acquisition by Rovio.

Spymaster key art

Spymaster (reboot)

Mobile Game

A new take on spy management with a collection of hundreds of unique agents and various agency (clan/guild) activities to complete.

Robocide key art


Mobile Game

Micro RTS where you direct a swarm of hundreds of robots with just one finger. Top 1 strategy in 41 and top 5 in 104 countries.

Winterstate key art


Mobile Game

Cars with guns in frozen USA. Vehicle RTS with a campaign and async multiplayer. Top 5 strategy in 133 countries.

Spymaster key art


Mobile Game

A second world war spy manager. Train a roster of agents and direct them on dangerous missions behind the enemy lines. Top 5 strategy in 102 countries.

Bubble Island 2 key art

Bubble Island iOS

Mobile Game

Mobile SKU of the most successful bubble shooter at the time. Game of the week in App Store, millions of MAU, etc.

Diamond Dash screenshots

Diamond Dash iOS

Mobile Game

Mobile SKU of Wooga's biggest arcade game at the time with over 10M MAU. We were the first game to ship with Facebook Connect and other bleeding edge social features.

Emmi screenshot


Fullstack Website

IGDA Finland's tech backbone that handles all events and memberships across thousands of people every year. Open sourced under MIT.

Score screenshot



I founded Finland's first game development club in Tampere University of Applied Sciences with a goal of improving the available games education.

High Score screenshot

High Score


I founded a series of non-profit companies on top of game development clubs as a part of building a stronger career path for aspiring developers in Finland.

Fingamers screenshot



I founded Finland's first online gaming community provider. We crowdfunded and hosted some of the biggest MMO communities at the time.

Runepoli screenshot



I founded Finland's biggest Runescape community that united the various trade forums under a single banner. It survives to this day and is officially supported by Jagex.

Refugee kids at Saana

Refugee Work


I am a volunteer photographer in a program that organises Lapland tours for refugees to help with societal integration.

IGDA Finland Lifetime Award

In 2018 I got a lifetime award for my contributions to the Finnish game development scene.

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